Correcting Your Dental Imperfections Using an Invisalign® Procedure

Correcting Your Dental Imperfections Using an Invisalign® Procedure

Oct 01, 2020

Crooked, misaligned, and crowded teeth affect your smile drastically. You can undergo orthodontic solutions to straighten your teeth using braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign is ideal for you since aligners are invisible and you can undergo treatment unnoticed.

If you need to straighten your teeth, traditional braces may not be suitable for you since it takes a long time. Advanced clear aligners take less time to transform your smile and straighten your teeth. It would be best to make an appointment with your orthodontist to ensure your gaps are sealed and your crooked teeth are aligned.

What’s An Invisalign?

Invisalign is an advanced technique used to straighten your teeth with clear, durable, and smooth aligners. The orthodontic appliances are molded into sets of invisible aligners placed over your teeth and replaced after two weeks. The Tomball dentist near you recommends you change the aligners until your teeth are straightened to the desired positions.

Invisalign clear tray aligners are made from plastic material that’s friendly to your oral tissues. The aligners exert gentle pressure and are removable. Your teeth can perform all the functionalities without restrictions.

What the Procedure of Getting Invisalign Aligners Entails

At our local dental office in Tomball, TX, we use clear aligners to straighten your teeth.  During your initial appointment, we use 3D scans to develop desired impressions and plan for ideal treatment.  Your overall oral health is also evaluated, and Invisalign appliances are custom-made to fit perfectly on your teeth. The treatment uses a series of aligners to shift your teeth to desired positions.

You need to put on aligner trays for about 20 hours every day to achieve fast results. You can remove the plastic aligners for eating, flossing, or brushing. Undergoing Invisalign in Tomball, TX actively moves your teeth to restore your dental structure, and our specialist may recommend you to use retainers to hold your teeth in position.

When Do You Need to See Your Specialist?

Once you begin an Invisalign treatment, you need to visit your specialist routinely to evaluate your treatment progress to achieve suitable results. Unlike traditional orthodontic practices that involve tightening with wires, Invisalign appointments are easy and fast since they utilize sets of clear aligners. Your dentist in Tomball, TX, monitors your progress and recommends you change the set of aligners after some duration.

If you comply with all the guidelines, the treatment takes less time. It would be best if you clean your aligners to maintain proper oral hygiene. Tomball dentist near you may recommend regular cleaning with recommended toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Once you remove them, ensure you rinse them with non-abrasive solutions.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for an Invisalign Treatment?

You can undergo Invisalign regardless of age to help straighten your teeth with comfort, unlike traditional braces. Traditional braces may be uncomfortable, and Invisalign is an ideal alternative for aligning your teeth. The procedure has no restrictions to your oral hygiene and eating habits, and it serves conveniently. Invisalign is an ideal option for you if you have the following dental issues:

  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Overcrowded, crooked and misaligned teeth
  • malocclusions
  • Excessive overjet

Your orthodontist will examine your teeth’ condition and determine whether you are ideal for Invisalign near Tomball, TX. Various genetic factors may hinder you from having orthodontic appliances.

Undergoing Invisalign Treatment in Tomball, TX

A well-planned Invisalign treatment can provide you with a perfect smile. If you have misaligned or crooked teeth, you are likely to face other oral complications. We recommend you to undertake a reliable orthodontic treatment and avoid extensive procedures in the future.

During the initial appointment, our dentist Tomball TX performs diagnostics to identify any signs of oral cavities and get clear impressions on the number of shifted teeth requiring an alignment. We create custom-made orthodontic appliances to suit your desired needs. Dr. Dave Dorroh DDS may recommend you to make regular visits to our dental facility for check-ups on your progress during the treatment. We use retainers after your treatment to ensure you regain dental stability.

If you require orthodontic treatment in Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball Town Center, Vintage Park 77070, Magnolia, our dental practitioners can help you. At our local dental office in Tomball, TX, we are devoted to taking care of all your dentistry needs. Please make an appointment with us, and revitalize your vibrant smile today!

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