Benefits of Getting Adult Dentistry Services from David Dorroh DDS 

Benefits of Getting Adult Dentistry Services from David Dorroh DDS 

Jan 01, 2020

Despite the American Dental Association’s recommendation to have dental checkups every six months, most adults don’t. Nowadays people only visit the dental office when they have a dental problem. However, the lack of regular dental visits can be detrimental to your dental and overall health.

Having regular dental checkups is crucial for your dental health. Here are a few reasons why our adult dentistry services are ideal for you.

1. Professional Dental Cleaning

Maintaining proper dental health is crucial in your dental health. However, even with regular brushing and flossing, plaques can buildup which causes the formation of tartar. Tartar is the primary cause of gum or periodontal disease. Furthermore, plaque buildup can also lead to dental decay. With routine checkups, our dentist in Tomball, TX will clean off the tartar buildup and keep your teeth healthy.

2. Preserve Your Natural Teeth

In the past, only tooth extraction was the recommended dental procedure for dental decay. However, with root canal treatment, Dr. David will clean off the infected pulp and save your teeth from teeth extraction. Remember, tooth extraction causes the loss of your permanent teeth which don’t grow back. Once you lose your teeth, you will need other cosmetic procedures to replace them.

3. Get Oral Cancer Screening

According to recent reports, 53,000 Americans get oral cancer annually and one person dies every hour due to cancer complications. The good news is with early detection you can increase your survival rate by 90 percent. That’s why we offer oral cancer screening every six months during your regular dental checkups. If an abnormal growth is detected, we will refer you to a surgeon for further diagnosis and treatment.

4. Manage Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a dangerous disease and it occurs when your breathing starts and stops repeatedly. Without proper treatment, sleep apnea can cause daytime fatigue, high blood pressure problems, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.

At our dental clinic, we have a solution. Instead of the traditional CPAP machine that is uncomfortable, our dentist customizes your device for you. Dr. David will give a customized oral appliance called Thornton Adjustable Positioner or TAP™. This is an acrylic device that fits on both your upper and lower jaw and works similarly to a mouthguard. With this device, your tongue and jaw will be realigned to open the airway and allow you to breathe properly. The device is easy to wear, and you can conveniently travel with it.

5. Keep Your Teeth

Teeth discoloration is inevitable and almost everyone will have stained and discolored teeth at some point. Factors like age, food, medication, and poor dental hygiene can cause your teeth to get stained. Although over-the-counter whitening products can help whiten your teeth, they are not effective. We recommend in-office teeth whitening where the dentist will regulate the hydrogen peroxide used and also protect your gums from sensitivity.

We also offer professional at-home whitening trays to use at home. Dr. David will customize the whitening trays based on your dental needs. You should expect to see results in two weeks.

Keep in mind, teeth whitening results don’t last forever. That’s why we recommend regular teeth whitening to maintain your teeth white.

6. Manage Dental Health as A Diabetic

Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic? We have good news. We have received the training required to care for the dental health of people with diabetes. Did you know there is a link between poor dental health and high blood sugar? That’s why we offer free diabetic consultation to provide you with information and tips on how to manage your dental health.

To top it off, we offer dental sedation when performing most of our adult dentistry services in Tomball, TX. One of the sedation we use is the nitric oxide or laughing gas, but this is for minor dental procedures. If you have severe dental phobia, then the oral sedation is ideal.

Don’t postpone your dental checkup. Contact our dental clinic for an assessment. Our dentist will guide you in choosing the perfect dental treatment.

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