9 Most Common Dental Illness

9 Most Common Dental Illness

Apr 01, 2020

The experience of suffering dental issues is never a fun one. Fortunately, most of these problems can be prevented. Daily flossing, brushing your teeth twice daily, proper diet, and regular visits to the dentists can prevent dental illnesses.

It is important to educate yourself on the dental issues and what causes them. Take a look at some of the most common dental problems.

Bad Breath

Halitosis is another name for this condition. Studies reveal that 85% of the people with this condition have dental conditions that are the root cause. Cavities, dry mouth, gum disease are just but a few problems that result in bad breath. Using mouthwash isn’t a permanent solution as the breath won’t go away. Visiting a dentist might help you get to the root of the problem.

Tooth Decay

This condition is also referred to as cavities. It results when plaque mixes with the starches and/or sugars of your food. The combination leads to the secretion of acids which damage the tooth enamel. Dry mouth resulting from medication or age can also cause cavities. The illness can be prevented by:

  • Brushing your teeth twice on a daily basis
  • Flossing daily
  • Regular check-ups
  • Consuming healthy foods
  • Avoiding sugary foods and beverages

Periodontal Disease

This disease is an infection that affects the gums which surround your teeth. It is the leading cause of teeth loss in adults. Studies indicate that periodontal disease and heart disease are connected.

Anyone can suffer from gum disease, but it is more rampant in adults aged 30 and above. Smoking, dry mouth and diabetes increase your risks of getting this disease. Its symptoms are bad breath, sensitive teeth, red and swollen gums and pain while chewing.

Periodontitis and gingivitis are its major stages. Once you spot signs of gum disease, seek medical advice before the situation worsens, and you end up losing your teeth.

Oral Cancer

It is estimated that there’s one death from oral cancer hourly in the United States. This is according to the Oral Cancer Foundation. If diagnosed in its early stage, oral cancer is curable. Most people that suffer this problem are those over 40 years. Its risk factors are alcohol and tobacco use and HPV.

Throat or mouth cancer have the following symptoms:

  • Lumps
  • Sores
  • Rough regions in the mouth.
  • Change in bite
  • Difficulties in chewing

Mouth Sores

There is a variety of mouth sores. A mouth sore that lasts for a few days is not a cause for alarm. It will eventually disappear. Canker sores are a common type of mouth sores that occur inside the mouth. They aren’t contagious and can only be a concern if they last longer than one week.

Herpes simplex virus is the cause for cold sores, otherwise called fever blisters. They occur on the outer lips’ edge, and they can be transmitted to other persons upon contact and can’t be cured completely.Mouth sores can also be seen in candidiasis- a mouth yeast infection observed in denture wearers and diabetics.

Tooth Erosion

In this condition, the tooth structure is lost. This results from the enamel being attacked by acid. The signs include sensitivity and even cracking of teeth.

Tooth Sensitivity

People with this condition experience some discomfort and pain in their teeth from cold air, cold drinks, or sweets. Some of them find flossing and brushing a painful experience. Fortunately, there is a treatment for this.

Sensitive teeth are also an indication of a tooth abscess or cracked teeth. If you start experiencing tooth sensitivity, it is wise to reach out to your dentist in Tomball TX and establish the root cause.

Toothaches and Emergencies

While you can avoid dental emergencies and toothaches by going for regular check-ups, accidents will always happen. Cracked, abscessed, or broken teeth necessitate making that urgent call to the dentist. Incase you have cuts on your lips, tongue, or mouth, or have dislocated or fractured your jaw, Dave Dorroh DDS dental practitioners can provide you with trauma care.

Unattractive Smile

This may not be your typical dental problem, but it is the main reason patients visit the dentist’s office. It can lower your self-esteem and negatively impact on your social life. Luckily, with the developed technology, anyone can afford a pleasant smile.

Every patient that walks into our door has unique concerns. That is why we listen to you. You will meet your dentist in Tomball TX, Dr. Dave K. Dorroh, who will attend to all your dental needs. Reach us now and book an appointment.

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